Power Supply, LED and EL drivers

Discontinued Products are limited to existing inventory.
SeriesDescriptionVC America
SM8172ADual output power supply IC for 4.5-5.5V input and 3.3V output to 450mA (series regulator) and second output DC-DC converter for settable 0.8-1.8V output to 900mANo StockSM8172A.pdf
SM8143ALimited to InventoryRequest SM8143A Datasheet
SM8142BEL Driver IC (up to 30c㎡)No StockSM8142 App Note.pdf
SM8136AWhite LED driver with integrated charge pump 1X or 1.5X for 1-3 LED connected in parallelNo StockSM8136A.pdf
SM8121ASwitching DC/DC converter (PWM 1 MHz) 2.3-5.5V Input/ 25V maximum outputLimited to InventorySM8121A.pdf
SM6781BVBattery Charger IC for Ni-MH/Ni-CdNo StockSM6781BV.pdf
SM6780ASBattery Charger IC for Ni-MH/Ni-CdNo StockRequest SM6780AS Datasheet
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