6-channel Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter
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The SM5956A is a digital audio signal, asynchronous sample rate converter LSI. It reads 6-channel 16/20/24-bit word length input data, and 16/20/24-bit word length output data. It also features a built-in digital de-emphasis filter, direct muting and digital audio interface output.
Key Features
  • L/R 6-channel processing (2-channel stereo, 3-system processing)
  • Input sample rate range: 10kHz to 200kHz
  • Output sample rate range: 30kHz to 50kHz
  • Operating sample rate conversion ratio (fso/fsi)
  • 0.45 to 4.41 (SCKSLN = L, 512fso operation)
  • 0.225 to 4.41 (SCKSLN = H, 768fso operation)
  • Digital audio interface output
  • DIA input data undergoes sample rate conversion and is output bi-phase mark encoded
  • Package:LQFP-48-070070-2
Typical Applications
  • Sample rate conversion between digital audio equipment
  • (AV amplifiers, CD-R/RW, MD, DVC etc.)
  • Sample rate conversion in commercial recording/editing equipment
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