About VC America

What we do?

  • Supply Integrated circuits and module products
  • Manufacture high stability clock product for wide temperature high reliability applications
  • Testing and qualification of products for high reliability avionics and space applications
  • Supply hybrid oscillator makers bare IC's, ceramic bases, substrates, lids, crystal blanks)
  • Design of AT-cut quartz crystals for wide temperature applications.

VC America offers technical leading edge higher performance solutions in ever-smaller packages to benefit our customers new designs.

Where is VC America?

VC America, Inc.
2654 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite B5-119
Henderson, NV 89052
Phone: 702-597-2495 Fax: 702-425-9824
Email: sales@vcamerica.com Technical information: support@vcamerica.com

About VC America

VC America Inc. started in 2002 supplying NPC mixed signal IC's and soon added LCC packaging and HFF crystal technology to support hybrid clock manufactures. We developed expertise for wide range of frequency control products. Over time we've added test for characterization and qualification, manufacturing of subassemblies and oscillators for reliable high stability application operating over extended temperature ranges. And new markets include encoders [read heads and interpolation] and sensor products [Optical, Infrared, UV, Magnetic].

VC America's HSXO technology improves temperature stabilities to high quality quartz clock oscillations extend performance for new products being developed. Better stabilities and wider temperature for ranges with best clock performance for commercial, industrial, and military temperature ranges. Specialized clock and RTC products are capable of operation to 200°C.

VC America's history

  • 2016 High stability clocks ±20 PPM -55°C to 125°C
  • 2014 High stability clocks for -40°C to 85°C
  • 2013 Optical positioning [encoder] components/boards
  • 2012 Implemented 100% parametric over-temperature testing to 600MHz
  • 2010 Contract assembly of oscillators
  • 2008 Qualification Test services for Class H and K
  • 2005 Subassemblies (hybrid)
  • 2002 Supply of hybrid oscillator component parts

Seiko NPC Authorized Supplier

VC America Inc is proud to be the Seiko NPC authorized distributer for the Americas!

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