Melody IC basic
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The CF(SM)1155 series are CMOS melody LSIs that, together with a battery and piezoelectric buzzer generate sound. An oscillator stop function in non-play mode and a variable pull-down resistance function reduce power consumption and extend battery life, making them ideal in a wide range of applications including the hold sound for telephones, greeting cards and toys, as well as white goods
Key Features
  • 1.2~3.6 Supply Voltage
  • 0.05 mA (typ) current consumption
  • 1 melody
  • Monotone sound generation
  • Requires few external components
  • Oscillator stop function in non-play mode
  • Package: SOP-8
  • Chip form
  • Low cost
Typical Applications
  • Gift Cards
  • Toys
  • Industrial alerts/event notification
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