Incremental Optical Reflective encoder IC, 1270 LPI and quadrature 5080 LPI
Optical reflective incremental 2 and 3 channel encoders with 20 µm (micron) period achieve high resolution and accuracies to <1 nm. (nanometer).

Absolute Optical Reflective Encoders IC for linear applications
Optical reflective absolute linear encoders with 100µm (micron) resolution up to 51.2mm in length and analog AB outputs for interpolation.

Test and Qualification Services for processing ICs to the requirements of Mil-PRF-38534 and Mil-PRF-55310 with exceptional characterization and element evaluation of oscillator components. Temperature testing range -70°C to 150°C

Component bare die, ceramic packages, lids, and substrates for hybrid assembly of frequency control products for standard clock (XO), voltage-controlled oscillators (VCXO), temperature compensated oscillators (TCXO), and oven-controlled oscillators (OCXO).

REACH, RoHs, and Conflict Metals compliant.

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