1.8V CMOS oscillator Tri-state or Standby
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The 5011 series are low-voltage crystal oscillator module ICs that operate at 1.8V. The crystal oscillator circuit and output buffer employ a low-voltage CMOS process operating at 1.8V. The crystal oscillator circuit has a built-in thin-film Feedback resistor with good temperature characteristics and built-in capacitors with excellent frequency response, making possible a stable low voltage 3rd overtone oscillator using only crystal element.

Target use: This series good for 1.8 volt operation for 7.0x5.0 mm and 5.0x3.2 mm packaging with Standby and Tri-state disable versions to match applications needs

Key Features
  • 1.6 to 2.0V operating supply voltage range
  • 3rd overtone oscillation
  • 30 MHz to 70 MHz operating frequency range
  • Inverter amplifier Feedback resistor built-in
  • Oscillator capacitors CG, CD built-in
  • CMOS output
  • 8mA output drive capability (VDD = 1.6V)
  • Standby (oscillator stop) or Tri-State (disable output only) versions
  • Molybdenum-gate CMOS process
  • Package: Chip form for ceramic LCC assembly
  • -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range
  • Options for oscillator stop for low power
  • Low power consumption
  • Good phase noise performance
Typical Applications
  • Handheld or portable equipment
  • System clocks
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