Metrology and precision 3-channel Encoder module

The SMD-04B is a miniature, reflective optical incremental encoder head with 3-Channel outputs (2 analog A/B plus Digital Z index) using a 20µ period scale there are 50 periods per mm/1270 periods per inch. Quadrature differential A& B outputs are 4x 200 counts per mm/ 5080 per inch. High bit ADC interpolation enable resolution into the picometer range. SMD-04B low-noise high-precision analog output signals maximize accuracy.

Excellent Lissajous curve with low cyclical errors.

High bit ADC interpolation enable resolution into the picometer range.

A unique LED receptor provide wider tolerance to misalignment, YAW, external contamination and humidity.

Footprint is 5.4x4.3mm and package height 1.0mm with nominal 0.5mm gap to scale for overall height 1.5mm from PCB to scale.

Key Features
  • Small and accurate encoders
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Low assembly costs
  • Miniature package: 14-pin (5.3 × 4.3 × 1.00mm)
  • High-precision A/B-phase analog and Z (index) digital outputs
  • Output Gain Control function when using Index
  • Noise-resistant differential output support
  • Optimized OEIC and optics design for easy mounting alignment
  • Adjustable LED brightness using external inputs
  • Analog (sine wave) A,B output
  • Supply voltage range: 4.75 to 5.25V
Typical Applications
  • Metrology, CMM
  • Laser optical axis control
  • Assembly machines
  • Laser optical axis control
  • Measuring instruments
  • High-precision rotary and linear encoders
  • Stages, Actuators
  • Robotics motion control
  • Sample order and design kits available from stock
  • Production orders ≥250 lead time 16-18 weeks
  • Contact to confirm price and delivery
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