-55°C to 125°C range oscillator IC CMOS output 70 to 220 MHz

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The VC5035 oscillator IC series operate from 1.6~3.6 volts over a range of 70 MHz to 165 MHz (1.8V) and 70 MHz to 220 MHz (2.5 to 3.3V) for both 3rd overtone oscillation and fundamental oscillation modes. Fabricated on a proprietary BiCMOS process, the VC5035 combines a bipolar Colpitts oscillator with integrated passives that provide stable operation and excellent startup with CMOS output buffers that will operate at high frequencies with a 15pF capacitance load. A unique circuit inhibits output until it detects proper oscillation, providing for excellent cold-first-cycle startup response. The operating temperature range is 55°C to 125°C.
Key Features
  • 1.6 to 3.6V operating supply voltage range
  • Oscillation frequency range (varies with version)
    • 1.6 to 3.6V: 70 MHz to 165 MHz
    • 2.25 to 3.6V: 70 MHz to 220 MHz
  • Proper Oscillation start-up detections
  • Standby CMOS input disables with high impedance output, oscillator stops
  • 8mA output drive capability (VDD = 1.6V)
  • BiCMOS process
  • Chip form
  • -55°C to 125°C operating temperature range
  • Enable rugged oscillator construction
  • Allows reliable start up from power on or enable
  • Good Phase noise and low Jitter
Typical Applications
  • Communications
  • System Clocks
  • Military

Packages for VC5035 C Type II

Size (mm)PackagePadsDimensions LxWxH (mm)Die Cavity (mm)D/ALayout TypeLidStepped Lid
5.0x3.2S5032CLK6 S5032CLK6_Array45.0x3.2x1.21.30x2.50VSSII FC TCLDK5032-3-1NLDSL5032-3-N10
7.0x5.0S5070CLK2 S5070CLK2_Array47.0x5.0x1.21.85x2.20VSSIILDK5070-4-10NLDSL5070-5-10K LDSL5070-5-11K
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