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The SM6661A is a post-amplifier for use in combination with gyroscope ICs. The SM6661A has a built-in 2-system post-amplifier, so that it can amplify two output signals of gyroscope IC with a single SM6661A. It features a simple method to change the different image stabilizing gain and frequency characteristics depending on the models. It also has a built-in sleep function making it easy to connect the output signal of gyroscope IC to A/D converter.



Key Features

  • Supply voltage range: 3.0 to 3.6V
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -20 to +80°C
  • 2-system input and output (reverse phase output)
  • Corresponds to 2-axis of gyroscope output
  • Adjustable output gain and frequency characteristics by external components
  • Output gain: 30 to 50 dB (variable amplification control)
  • Zero-rate voltage compensation function for simple interface to A/D converter connected to subsequent stage
  • Sleep function built-in
  • Small package: QFN-16-025025-2


  • Wireless mouse
  • Pointing devices
  • Positioning
  • Motion Control
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