Ceramic LCC Packages

Ceramic LCC Packages
Hermetic LCC ceramic package bases
Hermetic LCC ceramic packages for clock oscillator, TCXO, TCXO, and VCXO from 9.0x14.0mm to 2.0x1.6mm. Design services available.

Contact sales@vcamerica.com for Sample Requests, Pricing, and Delivery Information.

PackagePadsDimensions LxWxH (mm)Die Cavity (mm)D/ALayout TypeLidStepped LidIC Series
S2016CLK3_Array42.05x1.65x0.671.0x0.881NCIILDK2016-2-1NType II 5052 5053 5053H 5054 5054H 5058H 7002H 7004 7052H 7101H 7202H
S2520CLK3 S2520CLK3_Array42.5x2.0x0.821.15x0.95VSSIILDK2520-1.5-1NType II 5027 5053 5053H 5054 5054H 5058 7002 7004 7052H 7101H 7202H
S2520CLK5 S2520CLK5_Array42.5x2.0x0.821.15x0.95VSSFCWBLDK2520-1.5-1NType FC 5027 5043A 5052H 5053 5053H 5054 5054H 5058H 7002H 7004 7052H 7101H 7202H
S2520DCK1 S2520DCK1_Array62.5x2.0x0.871.15x0.95VSSLDK2520-1.5-1N7060 7310 7320 7321
S3225CLK5 S3225CLK5_Array43.2x2.5x0.941.0x1.20VSSI II FCWBLDK3225-2-1NLDSL3225-3-10N7502B Type I II FC 5027 5028 5043A 5052H 5053 5053H 5054 5054H 5058H 5059H 7052H 7101Hx 7002H 7004 7052H 7202H
S3225DCK40 S3225DCK40_Array63.2x2.5x0.81.14x1.30VSSLDK3225-2-1NLDSL3225-3-10N7321 7320 7310 7060 5062H 5061H 5060H
S5032CLK4 S5032CLK4_Array45.0x3.2x1.11.50x1.80VDDIILDK5032-3-1NLDSL5032-3-N10Type II D/A = VDD [legacy products]
S5032CLK6 S5032CLK6_Array45.0x3.2x1.21.30x2.50VSSII FC TCLDK5032-3-1NLDSL5032-3-N107502B 5043A Type II 5027C 5052HC 5053 5053H 5054 5054H 5058HC 5059HC 7002HC/HF 7004C/F 7052H 7101HC 7202HC
S5032DCK1065.0x3.2x1.11.50x1.85VSSLDK5032-3-1NLDSL5032-3-N107321 7320 7310 7060 5062H 5061H 5060H
S5032DCK2 S5032DCK2_Array65.0x3.2x1.11.42x2.86VSSLDK5032-3-1NLDSL5032-3-N107321 7320 7321
S5032DCK365.0x3.2x1.11.85x1.50VSSLDK5032-3-1NLDSL5032-3-N105060H 5061H 5062H
S5070CLK1 S5070CLK1_Array47.0x5.0x1.21.85x2.20VDDIILDK5070-4-10NLDSL5070-5-10K LDSL5070-5-11KType II D/A = VDD [legacy products]
S5070CLK2 S5070CLK2_Array47.0x5.0x1.21.85x2.20VSSIILDK5070-4-10NLDSL5070-5-10K LDSL5070-5-11K5027 5028 5029 5052H 5053 5053H 5054 5054H 5058H 5059H 7002HC 7004C 7052H 7101HC 7202HC
S5070CLK4 S5070CLK4_Array47.0x5.0x1.21.85x2.20NCI II FCWBLDK5070-4-10NLDSL5070-5-10K LDSL5070-5-11K7502B Type I II FC 5028 5043A 5052H 5053 5053H 5054 5054H 5058H 5059H 7052H 7101Hx 7002H 7004 7052H 7202H
S5070DCK767.0x5.0x1.352.20x2.00VSSLDK5070-4-10NLDSL5070-5-10K LDSL5070-5-11K5060H 5061H 5062H
S5070DCK867.0x5.0x1.152.20x1.85VSSLDK5070-4-10NLDSL5070-5-10K LDSL5070-5-11K7060 7310 7320 7321
S5070VCXO267.0x5.0x1.352.20x2.00VDDLDK5070-4-10NLDSL5070-5-10K LDSL5070-5-11K5073
S9014CLK2414.0x9.0x3.6NCmultipleLDK9014-3-3NLDSL9014-2.5-11NFR-4/5 PCB design insert
S9014DCK2614.0x9.0x3.6NCmultipleLDK9014-3-3NLDSL9014-2.5-11NFR-4/5 PCB design insert
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