VCXO low phase enoise 60-122.88MHz

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The 7321 CMOS output VCXO provide low phase noise operation for LTE 5G applications and offer wide pull range and low power operation. IC is small to fit in 3.2x2.5mm LCC packaging.
Specified for 40°C to 105°C operation
Key Features
  • VCXO CMOS output for frequency range of 30-122.88 MHz
  • Low-161dBm @ 10MHz offset
  • Efficient varactor improves phase noise and pulling range
  • Operating supply voltage range: 3.135-3.465V
    • 60 to 122.88 MHz (B1 version)
    • 30 to 61.44 MHz (B2 version)
  • Output frequency divider selectable by version: f0, f0/2
  • Frequency pulling range (typical): (±40ppm) B1 version @ 122.88 MHz
  • Low phase noise: -136 dBc/Hz@1 kHz B1 version @ 122.88 MHz
  • Standby function: High impedance in Standby mode (LOW), oscillator stops
  • 50±5% output duty (1/2VDD)
  • 15pF output load capacitance
  • -40 to +105°C operating temperature range
Typical Applications
  • LTE 5G
  • SDH
  • Ethernet
  • fibre Channel
  • LTE

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