Differential Clock IC

Differential LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL Oscillator IC's
Differential LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL Oscillator IC's with wide frquency range of 6.25MHz to 320MHz. LVDs has 1.8V versions and LVDS, LVPECL, and HCSL versions operating 2.25V to 3.63V
SeriesDescriptionVC America
CF7060✅ 7060 - LVDS LVPECL HCSL output oscillator family. 100-320 MHzFast rise and fall times; good phase noise 125°C max operation.
Recommended for new differential oscillator designs.
ActiveCF7060_x1S HCSL.pdf
CF7060_xAS HCSL LV.pdf
CF7060_xAV LVDS LV.pdf
CF7060_xxP LVPECL.pdf
CF7060_xxV LVDS.pdf
CF5062HHCSL output oscillator IC 70fS phase jitter 100-170MHz operationUse 7060 for new designsActiveCF5062H.pdf
CF5061HLVDS oscillator. 1.25-175 MHzUse 7060 for new designsActiveCF5061H.pdf
CF5060HLVPECL oscillator. IC's 25-175 MHzUse 7060 for new designsActiveCF5060H.pdf
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