Optical Reflective Encoders

Optical Read Heads and Precision Scales

Achieve world class encoder performance with Seiko NPC SMD series combined with VC America's precision scales.

  • Encoder Performance
    • 1270 LPI (Lines per Inch) / 50 Lines per mm and 20µm track period width
    • Quadrature output is 5080LPI / 200 Lines per mm.
    • Excellent Lissajous curve and low cyclical errors increase interpolation accuracy
    • Proven reliability and long lifetime
    • 1.0mm height and 0.5mm GAP fit within most encoder products
    • Upgrade encoder accuracies with new PCB and scale
  • Precision Linear and Rotary Glass Scales
    • Up to 700mm Linear, Up to 150mm Rotary diameter
    • Soda lime glass standard, special glass available
    • Multiple coating process options available
SMD-04B Gap Diagram
Key Features
  • High resolution 20 µm track period
  • Excellent Lissajous curve lower cyclical errors and improve interpolation accuracy
  • low distortion, low noise AB outputs
  • Small footprint and 1.0 package height fit within existing hardware
Typical Applications
  • Metrology Devices
  • Robotics
  • Factory Automation
  • Motors and Actuators
  • Medical Equipment
Optical Reflective Encoder Specifications
Period Width (µm)2020100
Output✅ Analog A-B and Digital Z (index)Analog A-BAnalog A-B
A-B Output Gain1, 1.8X, AGC, Off1, 1.8X, 2.6X, OffN/A - External
Z Digital Output (Index)YesNoNo
PackageLCOBLCOBSee Datasheet
Dimensions L W H (mm)✅5.3 x 4.3 x 1.05.3 x 4.3 x 1.687.7 x 6.4 x 1.0
Gap (mm)0.500.30~2.13
Package+Gap Height (mm)✅1.501.983.13
Operating Voltage4.5V - 5.25V3.13V - 5.25V2.7 to 3.3V
DatasheetsPDFSMD-04B DatasheetPDFSMD-01B DatasheetPDFSM3414B Datasheet
20µm Resolution and Interpolation
(lines per inch)
(lines per mm)
×11270 LPI0.787 mils50 LPM20µm
Quadrature A-B
5080 LPI0.197 mils200 LPM5µm
With external ADC
12-bit Interpolation
20,807,680 LPI0.0000481 mils819,200 LPM0.0012207µm
  • Tolerance to YAW, Pitch and ROLL errors
  • Better production yields
  • Good tolerance to small particles and fingerprints
  • Excellent long-term reliability
  • Lower service and maintenance cost
SeriesDescriptionVC America
SMD-04B20µ period 3-Channel Optical Reflective Incremental Encoder with two Analog A/B outputs and Z (index) digital output✅ for incremental encoder index and non-index applicationsNew ProductSMD-04B.pdf
SMD-01B20µ period 2-Channel Optical Reflective Incremental Encoder with A/B Analog outputs✅ for incremental encoder non-index applicationsActiveSMD-01B.pdf
SM3414B100µ period Optical Reflective Absolute Encoder with up to 51.2mm track length (29) plus analog output for high resolution using interpolation✅ Linear absolute encoder up to 51.2mm in lengthActiveSM3414B.pdf
SM3414BL-G PCB land pattern.pdf
SM3414BL-G Reliability Test.pdf
SM3414BL-G tray.pdf
Linear ScalesPrecision Linear scales✅ Linear Scales up to 700mm in lengthActiveLinear Glass Scales.pdf
Rotary ScalesPrecision Glass Rotary scales (Codewheels)✅ Rotary series up to 700mm in diameterActiveRotary Glass Scales.pdf
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