IR Array Temperature Measurement

These IR sensor arrays offer a lower cost alternatives to thermal cameras and are suited for safety, intelligent lighting, predictive and preventive maintenance for HVAC equipment, smart buildings, and sensing of humans and discrimiation from other warm/hot objects.

SMH-01B01-02 8x8 array with 35°FOV (field of veiw) and sample images:

SMH-02B01 16x16 array example show higher resolution with wider 90° FOV:

SeriesDescriptionVC America
SMH-01B01-02Infrared Sensor 8x8 array 64 elements with 35° Field of View (FOV). Detection range scalable to 250°C. I2C interface.ActivePDFSMH-01B01-02.pdf
SMH-02B01Infrared Sensor 16x16 array 254 elements with 90° Field of Vew (FOV). Detection range scalable to 250°C. SPI serial interfaceActivePDFSMH-02B01.pdf
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