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The SM5309A/B is a 3-channel video buffer with built-in 5th-order low pass filters. The low pass filter cutoff frequency range can adjust from 4 MHz to 40 MHz*1 by 256 steps. The low pass filter supports 480i to 1080i format, video signal equipment analog input/outputs. For video input systems, the device functions as a next-stage ADC system anti-aliasing filter. For video output systems, the filter reduces video DAC aliasing and external noise and can drive up to two 300Ω (SM5309A)/75Ω (SM5309B) load resistance. The cutoff frequency and signal input type can be controlled using an I2 C BUS*2, and the I2 C slave address can be set by ADS (3-state input) to allow up to three SM5309A/B on the same bus. *1: When the resistor connected to ISET (RISET) is 1.8 K-Ohm. *2: I2 C BUS is a registered trademark of NXP B.V.

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Key Features

  • Supply voltage
    • Analog: 4.75 to 5.25V
    • I2 C BUS interface: 3.0 to 5.5V
  • 2-system input multiplexer function
  • Clamp/bias/direct-input select function for each input
  • Low pass filter cutoff frequency control function: 4 to 40 MHz
  • Low pass filter bypass mode function, 80 MHz (typical) passband
  • Up to 300Ω (SM5309A)/75Ω (SM5309B) load resistance drive capability
  • Output gain: 0 dB
  • Power-down function
  • Package: VSOP-24-079056-1


  • HD TV
  • PDP
  • LCD TV
  • Projector
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