The SM5819AF and SM5819HQF are 6-channel DSD data (64fs) to 4fs, 2fs or fs PCM data converters. During conversion, decimation filtering is performed using a filter with selectable fixed coefficients (3 sets). Also, DSD inputs and PCM outputs are available for use in master/slave clock mode operation, in a wide range of system configurations, making it easy to construct a multi-channel DSD/PCM reproduction system. SM5819HQF filter cut-off are set for highest quality and suitable for data acquisition

Key Features

  • 512fs (22.5792 MHz, fs = 44.1 kHz), 1: 2 to 2: 1 duty master clock
  • DSD input and PCM output clock master/slave switching
  • 3-system external data input (3-wire format),PCM output data/BCK/LRCK external input and internal filter output switching (BCK and LRCK are common to all 3 external PCM data inputs)
  • Decimation filter coefficients
    • Fixed coefficients: 4fs-1/2fs-1/fs-1
  • PCM output mute operation
  • PCM output format: (MSB-first left-justified 32-bit) or (IIS 32-bit)
  • (IIS 32-bit output bit clock frequency = 64 x word clock frequency)
  • FIR filter coefficients
    • 64fs --> 4fs/2fs/fs: 480th-order (6-channel)
    • ROM coefficients: 24 valid data bits (4-bit MSB extension at 4fs, 5-bit MSB extension at 2fs/fs)
  • + 6 dB DSD gain switching function
  • External/Internal system clock output switching
  • 3.3V (3.0 to 3.6V) and 2.5V (2.3 to 2.7V) power supplies
  • -40 to 85°C operating temperature range
  • 48-pin QFP package


  • Data Acquisition systems
  • Multi-channel SA-CD players
  • SA-CD-compatible AV amplifiers
  • Professional Quality Audio
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