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SeriesDescriptionVC America
SM5865CMProfessional audio D/A converter 24-bitAvailableActivePDFSM5865CM.pdf
SM5842APSingle channel Professional Audio Digital filter up to 24 bitsActivePDFSM5842AP.pdf
SM1155Tone generation, single set of tones or melody for alerts and tunes; For white goods to gift cards and toys. 5 different parts offer versions of SM1155, each with different songs are available; other songs require ROM programmingStandard or customActivePDFSM1155.pdf
SM5819Data converters PCM, DSD, DAActive
SM5921AMulti-channel delay SDRAM controller to delay or sync audio (PCM signals)ActivePDFSM5921A.pdf
SM5956A6-channel Asynchronous Sample Rate ConverterActivePDFSM5956A.pdf
SM5950B2 channel asynchronous sample rate converterActivePDFSM5950B.pdf
SM1350Tone generator up to 16 different tones, alerts, or melodies with multi-tone(harmonic) for higher quality sound sought for multiple tune door bells and chimes, Wall and standing clocks. Two standard parts see also; SM1350AAQM (6 melodies), SM1350ADJM (16 melodies)
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Standard or customActivePDFSM1350.pdf
SM1125Up to 12 unique tones or melodies for alerts, alarms, melody µcontrolled; Preprogrammed version SM1125ABV is also available.Standard or customActive
SM5847AFDual Channel Professional Audio Digital Filter up to 24 bitsActivePDFSM5847AF.pdf
SM5837AFVariable-length 1H Delay Line LSIInActivePDFSM5837AF.pdf
SM6451Stereo volume control allows maximum audio quality (digital resolution) at normal listening (volume) levels by attenuating each analog audio channel.Active
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