SeriesDescriptionVC America
SM6451Stereo volume control allows maximum audio quality (digital resolution) at normal listening (volume) levels by attenuating each analog audio channel.ActiveRequest
SM5865CMProfessional audio D/A converter 24-bitLimitedPDFSM5865CM.pdf
SM5956A6-channel Asynchronous Sample Rate ConverterActivePDFSM5956A.pdf
SM5837AFVariable-length 1H Delay Line LSILimitedPDFSM5837AF.pdf
SM5819Data converters PCM, DSD, DALimitedRequest
SM5842APSingle channel Professional Audio Digital filter up to 24 bitsLimitedPDFSM5842AP.pdf
SM1125Up to 12 unique tones or melodies for alerts, alarms, melody µcontrolled; Preprogrammed version SM1125ABV is also available.Standard or customActiveRequest
SM5921AMulti-channel delay SDRAM controller to delay or sync audio (PCM signals)ActivePDFSM5921A.pdf
SM1155Tone generation, single set of tones or melody for alerts and tunes; For white goods to gift cards and toys. 5 different parts offer versions of SM1155, each with different songs are available; other songs require ROM programmingStandard or customActivePDFSM1155.pdf
SM1350Tone generator up to 16 different tones, alerts, or melodies with multi-tone(harmonic) for higher quality sound sought for multiple tune door bells and chimes, Wall and standing clocks. Two standard parts see also; SM1350AAQM (6 melodies), SM1350ADJM (16 melodies)
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Standard or customActivePDFSM1350.pdf
SM5847AFDual Channel Professional Audio Digital Filter up to 24 bitsLimitedPDFSM5847AF.pdf
SM5950B2 channel asynchronous sample rate converterActivePDFSM5950B.pdf
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