High Temperature IC

SeriesDescriptionVC America
7202H32.768 kHz <±50ppm 1.6~3.63V Low 7µA current using AT-Cut crystal and operation to 125°C✅ Best of Class ❗ActiveRequest
7101HOscillator CMOS IC 250kHz to 80MHz 1.6-3.63V low power and settable F0 AdjustFor packages down to 1.6x1.0mmActivePDF7101H.pdf
7051LVPECL oscillator IC 20 to 320MHz 2.5V and 3.3V with improved phase noise✅ Best of Class for new design ❗ Zero(0) impedance LVPECLActivePDF7051.pdf
5410VCXO ASIC CMOS output IC, frequencies up 62 MHz CMOS providing best of class low phase noise performance, pullability, and low power consumption.✅ Best of Class ❗ActivePDF5410.pdf
5095Exceptional frequency stability over wide temperature range 32.768 kHz IC, compensated by EEPROM programming to ±10ppm -10°C to 60°C
or ±7ppm -40°C to 105°C
✅ Best of Class ❗ for power
and temperature stability
5079LVDS VCXO 30-170 MHz low phase noise and jitter for 3.2x2.5mm and larger packaging✅ HF LVDS VCXOActivePDF5079.pdf
5078CMOS VCXO 30-170 MHz low phase noise and jitter for 3.2x2.5mm and larger packaging✅ Excellent HF CMOS VCXOActivePDF5078.pdf
5062HHCSL differential output oscillator IC low 70fS phase jitter 100-170MHz operationHCSL low jitter = 100MHz -170MHzActiveRequest
5061HLVDS oscillator. 1.25-175 MHz✅ Tomorrows LVDS today; 125°C max.ActivePDF5061H.pdf
5060HLVPECL oscillator. IC's 25-175 MHzGreat for point-to-point applications
For bipolar LVPECL check 7051
5059H32.768 kHz <±50ppm 1.6~5.5V 60-70µA current and operation to 125°C✅ Good 125°C consider 7202H
for lower power and 1.6-3.63V
5058HOscillator IC with -98dB close-in Jitter 20-50MHz fundamental Oscillator✅ Best of Class ❗ awesome close-in phase noise and small pkg too!ActivePDF5058H.pdf
5054H40 MHz to 170 MHz 3rd overtone oscillator.✅ Excellent clock, wide frequency range and mounting optionsActivePDF5054H.pdf
505380 MHz to 170 MHz fundamental oscillator; with and without C0 cancellation✅ Excellent HF fundamental oscillators and low phase noiseActivePDF5053.pdf
5052H1.25 MHz ~ 80 MHz fundamental oscillator. and 125°C✅ Excellent clock, wide frequency range and mounting optionsActivePDF5052H.pdf
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