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Seiko NPC takes the lead in Voltage Controlled Oscillator IC with a broad range of CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS solutions ranging up to 250MHz for LVPECL and 170MHz CMOS and LVDS aimed at lower power and small packagin; optimum for new design of wireless, optical, and wired communications and infrastructure applications.
SeriesDescriptionVC America
7321CMOS VCXO frequencies 60 -122.88 MHz 3.3V operation for LTE 5G to fit down to package size 3.2x2.5mmActivePDF7321.pdf
5420LV-PECL 100MHz to 250MHz VCXO. Best of Class performance phase noise and jitter, pull range, powerActivePDF5420.pdf
5410VCXO ASIC CMOS output IC, frequencies up 62 MHz CMOS providing best of class low phase noise performance, pullability, and low power consumption.ActivePDF5410.pdf
5079Best of Class LVDS VCXO 30-170 MHzActivePDF5079.pdf
5078CMOS VCXO 30-170 MHz low phase noise and jitter for 3.2x2.5mm and larger packagingActivePDF5078.pdf
5077LVPECL VCXO 30-170 MHz low phase noise and jitter for 3.2x2.5mm and larger packagingReview 5420C and 5420CL for best fit to applicationActivePDF5077.pdf
5076CMOS VCXO 4-pad 2.5x2.0 mm 1.8V5410 for new designActivePDF5076.pdf
5075CMOS VCXO 4-pad 2.5x2.0 mm5410 for new designActivePDF5075.pdf
5074BStd CMOS 7.0x5.0 mm VCXO5411 for new designActivePDF5074B.pdf
5073Std CMOS 7.0x5.0 mm VCXO5410 for new designActivePDF5073.pdf
5072Wide Pullability LVPECL VCXOWide pullability applicationsActivePDF5072.pdf


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