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The 5029A is crystal oscillator module IC with divide-by-512 frequency output. It employs a 16.777216 MHz fundamental frequency crystal source oscillator to generate a 32.768 kHz output crystal oscillator with excellent temperature characteristics. The 5029A operates over a 2.25 to 3.6 volt supply range with 400µA typical current consumption at 3.3 volts.

Block Diagram

Packages for 5029

Size (mm)PackageHeight
w/o lid (mm)
PadsD/A connectionLayout TypeLidStepped Lid
7.0x5.0PDFS5070CLK11.254VDDIIPDFLDK5070-4-10NPDFLDSL5070-5-10K PDFLDSL5070-5-11K


Key Features

  • 2.25 to 3.6V operating supply voltage range
  • 16.777216 MHz reference source oscillator frequency
  • Output frequency: oscillation frequency divided by 512
  • Oscillation capacitors CG, CD built-in
  • Standby CMOS input disables with high impedance output, oscillator stops
  • 2mA min. output drive capability (VDD = 2.25V)
  • CMOS output duty level (1/2VDD)
  • -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range


  • Real time clock application requiring stable 32.768 kHz
  • Industrial
  • Remote equipment installations


  • Good temperature stability
  • Low cost
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