RTC and 32.768kHz Clocks

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32.768kHz oscillators with a wide range of current (<1µA to<400µA) and temperature stability (up to -40 to 105°C) offer designers opportunity to match requirements closely. -40 to 85°C temperature range AT-Cut quartz solutions achieve <50ppm over -40 to 85°C; IC's with EEPROM and Tuning fork or AT-Cut crystals achieve stabilities =5ppm.
SeriesDescriptionVC America
8592RTC I2 C-bus*1 full feature/function clock IC 3ppm accuracy over temperature✅ Best of Class ❗ActivePDF8592.pdf
8591RTC I2 C-bus*1 full function clock IC temperature compensatedContact VC AmericaActive
7202H32.768 kHz <±50ppm 1.6~3.63V Low 7µA current using AT-Cut crystal and operation to 125°C✅ Best of Class ❗Active
5095Exceptional frequency stability over wide temperature range 32.768 kHz IC,

compensated by EEPROM programming to

±10ppm -10°C to 60°C

±7ppm -40°C to 105°C

✅ Best of Class ❗ for power
and temperature stability
509132.768 kHz IC low 1 µA current, tuning fork and frequency adjust to improve accuracy and yields✅ tuning fork solution
with excellent 25°C tolerance
5059H32.768 kHz <±50ppm 1.6~5.5V 60-70µA current and operation to 125°C✅ Good 125°C consider 7202H
for lower power and 1.6-3.63V
502932.768 kHz <±50ppm 2.25-3.6V 300-400µA currentNew Designs: 5059H and 7202HActivePDF5029.pdf
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