CMOS Clock IC (XO)

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Clock Oscillator IC's in Bare / chip form
SeriesDescriptionVC America
720232.768 kHz <±50ppm 1.6~3.63V Low 7µA current using AT-Cut crystal and operation to 125°CActivePDF7202.pdf
7101Oscillator CMOS IC 250kHz to 80MHz 1.6-3.63V low power and settable F0 AdjustContact VCA re programmingActivePDF7101.pdf
5096Exceptional frequency stability over wide temperature range 32.768 kHz IC, compensated by EEPROM programming [no high voltage supply required] to ±10ppm -10°C to 60°C
or ±7ppm -40°C to 105°C
Use 7290ActiveRequest
5095Exceptional frequency stability over wide temperature range 32.768 kHz IC, compensated by EEPROM programming to ±10ppm -10°C to 60°C
or ±7ppm -40°C to 105°C
Use 7290ActivePDF5095.pdf
509132.768 kHz IC low 1 µA current, tuning fork and frequency adjust to improve accuracy and yieldstuning fork solution
with excellent 25°C tolerance
5059H32.768 kHz <±50ppm 1.6~5.5V 60-70µA current and operation to 125°CGood 125°C + operationActivePDF5059H.pdf
5058HOscillator IC with -98dBm close-in phase noise 20-50MHz fundamental Oscillator✅ -90 to -100 dBm close-in phase noise for small packageActivePDF5058H.pdf
5056Oscillator CL=30pF 100-135 MHzUpgrade of 5005ActivePDF5056.pdf
5054H40 MHz to 170 MHz 3rd overtone oscillator.Today's standard clockActivePDF5054H.pdf
505380 MHz to 170 MHz fundamental oscillator; with and without C0 cancellationToday's standard clockActivePDF5053.pdf
5052H1.25 MHz ~ 80 MHz fundamental oscillator. and 125°CToday's standard clockActivePDF5052H.pdf
504310 to 55MHz CMOS clock IC FlipchipBest stability over temperatureActivePDF5043.pdf
5035Stable, clean and fast startup CMOS oscillator IC 70 to 220 MHz operationActivePDF5035.pdf
50280.8 to 2.0 volt operating oscillator IC is perfect for 0.8V and single battery operation0.8 to 2.0V supply operationActivePDF5028.pdf
5027Industry standard CMOS clock oscillator IC; stable operation 1.8 to 3.3V supply5052H for new designsActivePDF5027.pdf
5026Low phase noise oscillator CMOS wirebondGreat for ~100MHz frequency low phase noiseActivePDF5026.pdf
5019Low phase noise CMOS 60-170 MHz5054H and 5056 for new designActivePDF5019.pdf
50183rd overtone low phase noise 2.5V5054H for new designActivePDF5018.pdf
50173rd overtone low phase noise 3-5V5054H for new designActivePDF5017.pdf
50161.8V low phase noise CMOS oscillatorUpgrade to 5052H for new designActivePDF5016.pdf
5015low crystal drive/ high CMOS output 2.5-5V oscillator IC which offers excellent phase noise and fit in smaller 3.2x2.5mm package✅ CF5015BLx for new 3-5V designsActivePDF5015.pdf
5014Medium-high CMOS output buffer (CL=30pF 3-5V) fundamental oscillator operation up to 40MHz, CMOS output and fit in smaller 3.2x2.5mm package5052H or CF5015BLx for new designActivePDF5014.pdf
5010CMOS IC oscillator, fundamental and 3rd overtone versions for round crystals designs and AT-Strip 5x7mmBest for larger crystal designsActivePDF5010.pdf
5009High drive CMOS output buffer (CL=50pF 3-5V) fundamental oscillator operation up to 40MHz.Good when high CL=(30 or 50pF) output drive is neededActivePDF5009.pdf
5006High drive CMOS output buffer (CL=50pF 3-5V) overtone oscillator operation up to 106.5MHz.Good for high drive (CL=30 or 50pF) for 3-5VActivePDF5006.pdf
5005Low phase noise 1G Ethernet for 5x7mm CMOS output oscillators.New design use 5054H or 5056ActivePDF5005A.pdf
5002Up to 100 MHz for round crystal (Half-DIP) and AT-Strip (5x7mm package) CMOS output oscillators.Legacy useActivePDF5002.pdf
SM5021≤70MHz 3-5V overtone oscillator IC SOT23-6PCB oscillator or bufferActivePDFSM5021.pdf
SM5022≤30MHz 3-5V fundamental oscillator IC SOT23-6PCB oscillator or bufferActivePDFSM5022.pdf
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