RTC 3-wire serial interface
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The SM8578B is a serial-interface, real-time clock IC that uses a 32.768kHz crystal oscillator for its reference timing. It comprises second-counter to year-counter clock and calendar circuits that feature automatic leap-year adjustment, alarm and timer interrupt functions, as well as oscillator stop, timer reloading, and other detection functions. Data is transferred to and from an external controller using a 3-wire serial interface. It is available in compact VSOP-8 packages, making it ideal for use in all types of portable, hand-held equipment.
Key Features
  • Day, day-of-week, hour, and minute alarm interrupt function
  • 1/4096 seconds to 255 minutes pre-settable interval timer interrupt function
  • Time update detection function
  • Abnormal oscillation detection function
  • 1.6 to 5.5V wide operating voltage range
  • 0.5 µA (typ.) current consumption (VDD=3.0V, CE=Low)
  • Package:VSOP-8-031044-1
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