White LED driver with 1X or 1.5X charge pump
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The SM8136A is a charge pump type white LED driver. It can drive 1 to 3 backlight white LED connected in parallel, making it ideal for portable devices with small LCD. The charge pump switches between ×1 bypass mode to ×1.5 boost mode in response to LED drive current requirements. The boost switching occurs in response to the drive current of all the connected LED and thus supports variations in LED forward-bias voltage drop (VF). Besides, the detection of switching is repeated in approx. 1sec-cycle by mode reset action, the SM8136A can respond to temporary variation of supply voltage. These ingenuities on switching detection can prolong the battery life to the fullest extent. Each LED drive current is controlled by a 3-channel LED drive current control circuit.
Key Features
  • Battery life extension by automatic charge pump switch between ×1 to ×1.5 according to the detection of the LED drive current
  • Controlling 1 to 3 lights of white LED connected in parallel
  • 1-wire input controlling
  • ON/OFF and brightness control by signal controlling of EN pin
  • Soft start circuit built-in
  • Input voltage range
  • No-load current (IOUT = 0mA): 2.7 to 4.6V
  • Load current (IOUT = 60mA): 3.0 to 4.6V
  • Maximum output voltage: 5.0V(typ)
  • Maximum output current: 60mA(typ)
  • Quiescent current
  • Not -switching (×1.0 mode): 0.3mA (typ)
  • Switching (×1.5 mode): 1.7mA (typ)
  • Standby current: 0.01µA (typ)
  • Operating frequency(boost mode): 1.0MHz (typ)
  • LED drive current accuracy between channel: ±5.0%
  • Package: QFN-12-020020-1
Typical Applications
  • Cellular phone
  • PDA
  • Portable games
  • Portable audio equipment
  • Handy terminal
  • Digital still camera
  • Digital video camera
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