Audio D/A converter 24 bit
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The SM5865C 24-bit input D/A converter LSI is for high-quality digital audio equipment. It comprises DEM (dynamic element matching) circuits, 3rd-order ΣΔ noise shaper and 31-level quantizer to realize super low total harmonic distortion and wide dynamic range. The device has widely reduced residual quantization noise up to high-frequency bandwidth in the audio band so the order of the required final-stage analog low pass filter can be reduced, making it ideal for application with high-frequency sampling format. The output stage employs differential current outputs for high-accuracy analog signals, with appropriate low pass filtering of the output signal. This device can be used in combination with an 8-times oversampling digital filter such as SM5847A and others compatible with 192 kHz sampling format.
Key Features
  • Mono-channel D/A converter LSI
  • High performance
  • 0.00030% (-110.5 dB) typ. THD+N
  • 117 dB typ. Dynamic range
  • 120 dB typ. S/N
  • Input interface
  • 20 or 24-bit word length
  • MSB first, right-justified format
  • 8 or 4 times oversampling at fs = 16/32/44.1/48/ 88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz
  • System clock frequency: 192/256/384/512/768/1024fs
  • Single 5V operating supply voltage
  • Package: SSOP-24-100054-1
Typical Applications
  • Professional Quality Audio
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