Discontinued Products are limited to existing inventory.
SeriesDescriptionVC America
CF5420LV-PECL 100MHz to 250MHz VCXO. Best of Class performance phase noise and jitter pull range power7320 for new designsLimited to InventoryCF5420.pdf
CF5410VCXO ASIC CMOS output IC frequencies up 62 MHz CMOS providing best of class low phase noise performance pullability and low power consumption.7310 for new designLimited to InventoryCF5410.pdf
CF5078CMOS VCXO 30-170 MHz low phase noise and jitter for 3.2x2.5mm and larger packaging7310 for new designLimited to InventoryCF5078.pdf
CF5076CMOS VCXO 4-pad 2.5x2.0 mm 1.8V7310 for new designNo StockCF5076.pdf
CF5075CMOS VCXO 4-pad 2.5x2.0 mm7310 for new designNo StockCF5075.pdf
CF5074BStd CMOS 7.0x5.0 mm VCXO7310 for new designLimited to InventoryCF5074B.pdf
CF5073Std CMOS 7.0x5.0 mm VCXO7310 for new designLimited to InventoryCF5073.pdf
CF5072Wide Pullability LVPECL VCXO7320 for new designLimited to InventoryCF5072.pdf
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