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The 5077 series of LVPECL output VCXO ICs provide an excellent combination of low phase noise with wide frequency pulling range. A uniquely efficient varactor diode and BICMOS fabrication process enable simultaneous low phase noise and wide frequency pulling range without adding external components. Enable High or Low by selecting bond pads. The 5077 series are ideal for wireless, LTE cell towers, SONET, Ethernet, and Fiber Channel applications.
Key Features
  • VCXO LVPECL differential output for frequency range of 30-170 MHz
  • Efficient varactor improves phase noise and pulling range
  • Operating supply voltage range: 2.97 to 3.63V
  • Oscillator frequency range (fundamental oscillation):
    • 60 to 100 MHz (Ax version)
    • 100 to 170 MHz (Bx version)
  • Output frequency divider selectable by version: f0, f0/2
  • Wide frequency pulling range (typical):
    • (±150ppm)@A1 version, VC=1.65±1.65V, f=77.76 MHz (γ=356, C0=3.0pF)
    • ±130ppm@B1 version, VC=1.65±1.65V, f=155.52 MHz (γ=327, C0=1.4pF)
  • Low phase noise (typical) :
  • _(-130 dBc/Hz)@A1 version, 1 kHz Offset, f=77.76 MHz (γ=356, C0=3.0pF)
    • (-148 dBc/Hz)@A1 version, 10 MHz Offset, f=77.76 MHz
    • -125 dBc/Hz@B1 version, 1 kHz Offset, f=155.52 MHz (γ=327, C0=1.4pF)
    • -148 dBc/Hz@B1 version, 10 MHz Offset, f=155.52 MHz
  • Output enable (OE) active selectable Hi-Active or Low-Active by bonding wire
  • -40 to +85°C operating temperature range
  • Lowest cost solution for LTE G4 wireless
  • Less parts and lower cost construction
  • Good Phase noise typical -148 dB floor and wide pull range
  • Output drives single or multiple inputs
  • Stable power-on startup
  • Clean Start when enabled
  • Low PSRR
Typical Applications
  • Ethernet (Gb)
  • Internet infrastructure
  • Fiber Communications

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