CL=50pF 3-5V oscillator.
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The 5009 crystal oscillator module ICs meet and exceed the needs for stable fundamental mode oscillators up to 40 MHz with the highest output drive available for 7.0x5.0 mm and larger packaging. Lower crystal current than prior generation combined with fully integrated capacitors and Feedback resistors provide a single chip solution with performance previously attainable only with discrete.

Target use: This series span 3, 3.3 and 5V operation for AT-Strip 7.0x5.0 mm ceramic LCC and half-size using round crystals, and offer high capacitance drive and rugged ESD and latch-up free performance. This series have faster Tf/Tf rise and fall times versus the 5010 series fundamental versions to attain higher frequency operation.

Key Features
  • Low crystal current oscillator fundamental operation
  • Operating supply voltage range
    • 3V operation: 2.7 to 3.6V to 40 MHz
    • 5V operation: 4.5 to 5.5V to 40 MHz
  • Frequency divider built-in (f0, f0/2, f0/4, f0/8, f0/16, f0/32 determined by internal connection)
  • Output drive capability
    • ALx, ANx, AKx, CNx: 16mA (VDD=4.5V)
    • AHx: 4mA (VDD=4.5V)
  • Output load up to CL = 50pF max.
  • Standby (oscillator stop) or Tri-State (disable output only) versions
    • 5 µA@3.3V 10µA@5V max Standby current
    • ALx series for Standby (oscillator stop)
    • ANx, AKx, AHx, CNx series for Tri-State (disable output only)
  • Molybdenum-gate CMOS process
  • Package: Chip form, SOP-8-044052-1
  • For packaged parts listing, see IC section
  • -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range
  • High output Drive versions for CL= 15pF, 50pF, 50pF
  • Low power consumption
  • Good phase noise performance
  • Low Jitter
Typical Applications
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Computers
  • Industrial
  • System Clocks
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