Rotary and Linear Optical and magnetic
Clock Oscillators
Clock Oscillators including High Stability
Ceramic surface mount crystals for TCXO and VCXO applications
Industrial and High-Reliability
Hybrid Components
Oscillator IC's, Quartz, ceramic bases, subassemblies
Integrated Circuits
Analog, Mixed mode, video, power, timing
IR Array Temperature Measurement
IR Array temperature Sensors

Best of Class performance high stability clock oscillators VCA's HSDA series clock oscillators combine High-Q quartz response with exceptional ±25ppm stability over the full military -55°C/125°C range at an impressive No load power consumption less than 3mA(max). Low -160dB phase noise floor and low deterministic jitter. 2.5MHz to 55MHz CMOS output. Packaged in 3.2mm X 2.5mm X 0.9mm ceramic LCC. HSA series 5x7 and HSJ series 9x14mm provide plug-in upgrades/replacements for existing systems.

Test and Qualification Services for processing IC's to the requirements of Mil-PRF-38534 and Mil-PRF-55310 with exceptional characterization and element evaluation of oscillator components. Temperature testing -55°C to 125°C and higher to 260°C.

Component bare die, packages and subassemblies for hybrid assembly of frequency control products for standard clock (XO), voltage controlled oscillators (VCXO), temperature compensated oscillators (TCXO), and oven controlled oscillators (OCXO).

Miniature Precision Encoders Compact and accurate optical encoders and interpolation products for micro and nano mechanical miniaturized positioning.

  • Encoder modules for 5µ and 1µ resolution; Encoder combined with custom interpolation achieve resolutions <20 nanometer!
  • Scales; Linear and rotary, glass and flexible PET
  • PCB encoder boards. We have multiple encoder board solutions to fit various space and performance requirements and will build encoder boards to meet specific needs

Materials processing:

  • Crystal quartz blanks and plated crystal blanks
  • QCM crystals for monitoring thin film deposition
  • Wafers and bars of pure Z-Growth crystalline quartz, sapphire, silicon for SAW, MEMS, sensors and research

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