Part Numbering Guide

NPC part numbering system inquiries have increased especially with RoHS implementation.  Here's a list of frequently asked questions.

RoHs Status:  NPC supplies compliant lead-free RoHS or 6/6 product.   Customers need to add -G to the datasheet part number when ordering packaged products.

What is the -G in your part numbers?  -G is the designation used to define fully RoHs compliant packaged parts.  The -G is added after the basic part number but prior to a packaging suffix adders, such as -EL or -ET used for tape and reel.  Moreover, if the part type is a packaged unit and there is no -G in the part number, the product must be considered as non-compliant unless NPC can provide a certification to support your request.  Most all devices without a -G are 5/6 compliant, but it is recommended you confirm with us.  Examples:

SM5009ANDS   5/6 RoHS compliant
SM5009ANDS-G   RoHS compliant
SM5009ANDS-ET   5/6 RoHS compliant
SM5009ANDS-G-ET   RoHS compliant

How do I know a part is fully RoHS complaint?   The -G indicates the part type is RoHS compliant.  Note: the -G is not used for chip or wafer products (CF, WF prefixes) as these are all compliant and a separate part numbering system did not need to be implemented.

Will NPC supply both RoHs and non-RoHs parts?  Non-RoHs compliant parts are no longer manufactured.  Once inventory is depleted, only the RoHs version will be supplied.

What does the suffix -ET or -EL mean?  These designations are for tape and reel: -EL are 3000 per reel, -ET is either 3000 or 1000 depending on the part type.

I have this part number CF5006AL1-1. What is the -1 mean, as I do not see that on the datasheet?  This is the die/chip thickness. Here are the codes used:

No Dash  400 micron  (no longer offered, -1 would be the standard now)

-1   300 +/-30 micron

-2   220 +/-30 micron

-3   180 +/-20 micron

-4   130 +/-15 micron

Parts introduced as -1 or -2 are usually available as special order to thinner requirements, as may be required to mount in smaller packages.  Some part series like CF5005-5010 series introduced as -1 are often available in -2 without special order or different lead-times.  Some part series such as CF5014-5019 are offered standard as -2 and are not offered to any thicker dimensions.  Parts introduced for even smaller or low profile packages may be supplied only in the thinner -4 version.  Examples include the CF5027 and CF5028 series.  For actual standard thickness we recommend you examine the datasheet; typically page 2 or 3 wih the die pad layout will specify the standard thickness. 

Contact your salesman or send a message to us for specifics.

I have this part number HA5009?  What NPC part type is this?  HA is a process designator for CMOS found only on the chip and is not part of the actual product part number. NPC uses CF5009xxx-1 to designate die form and SM5009xxxS for packaged parts (in this case, surface mount).  NPC uses other two letter designations to represent other processes.  The base four numbers used for a part series will help you figure out which datasheet to review.


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