Origin OS300 Seam Sealer is a fully automatic parallel seam sealer

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Origin OS300 Seam Sealer is a fully automatic parallel seam sealer is available to buy in increments of 1

Origin OS300 Seam Sealer is a fully automatic parallel seam sealer

Origin OS300 automatic parallel Seam Sealer

Origin OS300 Seam Sealer is a fully automatic parallel seam sealer which tightly seals SMD packagestems and lids in an N2 gas atmosphere. The system consists of seasealing head equipped with a pair of roller electrodes. seam sealing transformer, three seam sealing units (tack sealing, Y-seam, X-seam). Which use one seasealing power supply in common, driving sectionpanel computer, animage processor and dry box.

The IN pass box of the system receives a tray from the previous process. Up to 80 trays may be loaded.  After purge with N2 gas and bake, the system sequentially transfers the Carrier trays, applies lids, and performs tack sealing afteimage processing, X-seam and Y-seasealing, detects defective work pieces, and returns (outputs) the carrier tray.

Up to ten seam sealing profiles can be saved and more read from removable disk when necessary.Image processing is performed under the conditions saved in the image processor.

This unit is set up for sealing 5x7mm LCC packages and there are pallet/tray for 5x3.2 and 3.2x2.5mm. Other sizes require appropriate pallet/trays to hold them.

Good working system;  

This unit operated in clean room environment. 

Shipping;  Unit comprise three major sections sized as follows:

Dimensions: Length 108  Width 48  Height 60

Dimensions: Length 48 Width 28 Height 55

Dimensions: Length 41 Width 42 Height 66

Weight Total  2,500 lbs estimated. 

Purchaser may arrange crating and shipping; Alternatively, VC America will have created for domestic or international shipment (vapor barrier sealed in approved crate for overseas).  

Crating; Allow 5-10 days for domestic and 10-15 days for international.

For crating costs and details, please contact us by email


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