NPC RoHS statement

NOTICE: ROHS compliant product

NPC supplies compliant lead-free RoHS 6/6 parts.   Customers need to add -G to the datasheet part number when ordering.  If there is an additional option specifying (most commonly) tape and reel, the -EL, -ET, -E2 are at the end of the ordering part number.

For example, SM5009AL1S-ET become SM5009AL1S-G-ET. 

In most cases older products with lead coated leads qualify as RoHS5  (5/6) compliant.

Certifications are available upon request.

Non G products are all at EOL or End oLife and will be discontinued as inventories are consumed.

Please work with your NPC distributor or representative to assure a smooth transition from non-G to G products.

Products supplied in chip form or wafer form (CF, WF prefixes) are RoHS compliant and are supplied with no change to part numbers.

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