NPC's quality assurance

NPC's quality assurance activities are intended to supply the customer with products he/she can use safely. We have established our original quality policy, which is described below, in conformance with "ISO9001"*, the international standard of quality assurance systems, and "QS-9000"*2, the quality assurance system standard that are stipulated by the big three (US automobile manufacturers). We keep close communication among our departments from the planning to delivery of a product and organize the quality assurance system to actualize a consistent management and operations.

Quality policy

"NPC Puts the utmost emphasis on quality, provides satisfaction of its customers, and contributes to the progress of society through reliable products and services."

*1 ISO9001
A quality assurance system standard defined by the ISO (International Standardization Organization), which stipulates requirements that are related to the product quality for the companies who supply products and services from the viewpoint of customers.

This standard was revised in 2000 and new items of requirements were added. NPC acquired the ISO9001 accreditation in 1994 and updated it to the 2000 version in 2002.

*2 QS-9000
A quality assurance system defined by the big three automobile manufacturers in the USA (Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors). It is based on ISO9001 but adds requirements that are peculiar to the automobile industry. Companies that deliver products to the big three must acquire the accreditation of this standard. NPC acquired the accreditation in 1999.

QS-9000 system diagram

QS-9000 Accreditation
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