Quality assurance system
NPC's quality assurance activities aim at providing the products that are safe to our customers. NPC's quality assurance is based on the principles of the international quality standard ISO 9001. NPC manages and operates our consistent quality assurance system, starting from determining the product specifications to satisfying our customers' needs.
NPC's quality assurance organization has been systematized to enable quality information to accurately flow and to allow prompt actions to be taken. Its basic concept is to have constant and close cooperation of each in-company department: the purchase department, the inspection department, the production department, the technology department, the design department, and the sales department.
The flow of NPC's quality assurance system is as follows
- acceptance inspection when purchasing primary materials,
- management of the quality of production facilities and measuring instruments, the management of the quality of the products when manufacturing,
- management of the quality of the products outsourced to the subcontractors, and
- careful designing of the products, which is performed in the initial process of quality assurance, substantially affects the product quality and reliability.
Based on reliability data accumulated over the years, NPC develops reliable designs by taking quality and your operating environment into thorough consideration.
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