Caller ID Testing

NPC supplies the SM8223 and SM8224 caller ID function IC's for both Type I and Type II testing.   Customer feedback shows that our part is among the top for caller ID performance, as measured by both customers and independent test labs.  

Passing Bellcore specifications is a challenge. Inevitably, it is the marriage of the customer's hybrid, design, layout, and implementation combined with our own good IC design that enable a successful result.

Customer products using NPC IC's perform "in the top" performance category, but getting detailed results required us to send working phones to an independent test lab, in this case, AST Technology Labs, in Florida.  AST performs testing for a wide-range of suppliers and customers, including the seven baby bells.  In this particular telephone, the SM8224BS was used: the device met specifications in all major categories and most all minor categories.   Following is one test table summary excerpted from the 29-page report.

Predicted Talkdown Performance

Condition Recommended Performance (Recognition %, de-rated) Measured Performance (Recognition %, de-rated)
Tip & Ring (O dB) Est. Trans-Hybrid Loss = 3 dB Est. Trans-Hybrid Loss = 6 dB Est. Trans-Hybrid Loss = 9 dB Est. Trans-Hybrid Loss = 12 dB
Condition 1 (Average Levels) 99.5 % 97.373 % 99.028 % 99.809 % 99.955 % 99.991 %
Condition 2 (worst 1% of combinations) 93.0 % 75.204 % 80.845 % 85.869 % 90.609 % 95.023 %
Condition 3 (global average) 99.5 % 95.690 % 97.684 % 98.906 % 99.544 % 99.832 %

Since the time of the report, NPC has refined analog performance further enabling customers to score even higher performance.  In any event, NPC products are good choices for your caller ID application needs.  If you would like to get additional information about this report or NPC products including samples, please contact us at the NPC America sales office.

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