SM5304AV 1-channel Video Buffer with Variable Lowpass Filter Built-in released to production. 

Expanding on NPC SM5300 and SM5301 video buffer products, the SM5304 offers a low cost single channel version with 0/6/12 12 db switchable gain, 2 to 10MHz cutoff frequeny, low pass filter and Sag compensation circuits built-in.SM5304AV

The devices meet a wide range of high-resolution and high image quality requirements for video projection and display or legacy and HD formats.

The SM5304AV is a 1-channel analog lowpass filter IC with buffer amplifier built-in for widely popular composite-terminal video signal input/outputs. It has an 8th-order lowpass filter built-in for increased aliasing noise elimination, and has been designed with the principle aims of suppressing image flicker and image quality degradation.  The SM5304AV can find use in a wide range of applications from DVD car navigation systems and portable DVD players, where high image quality and surface mounting area and height are limited, to PDP and D-TV large-scale consumer electronics products.