Low Voltage, Low Current Consumption
Stereo Headphone Amplifier IC with Built-in Electronic Volume

The SM6453AB is a Stereo Headphone Amplifier IC with 3-wire Serial Data Controlled Volume suitable for portable audio equipments.SM6453AB

The SM6453AB assembles the input signal switching, volume adjustment, bass boost function and headphone amplifier in one-chip, and enables to make the sound output circuit simplified. This IC controls the volume and each mode setting with 3-wire serial data. The SM6453AB features the Pop-noise control circuit that reduces the pop-noise caused by throwing the power supply or releasing the mute function.

The SM6453AB realizes the long-lived battery and miniaturization which are important to all the portable electronic equipments, by low voltage(1.8V min.), low current consumption(2.3mA at 2.4V supply voltage) and employing ultra-small 32-pin QFN package.