SMD-01 Optical Encoder Module: Micron to nanometer resolution and accuracies with small footprints are here now.

SMD-01 Wide angle optical receptors and unique design improve tolerance to angle variation and contamination of dust, fingerprints and moisture (fogging). And lower manufacturing cost.

A 20µ (micron) period provides 5µ native resolution; dedicated Interpolation IC’s efficiently improved resolutions from 1µ to 0.1µ (see Seiko NPC SM3470BB 4x4mm IC) and customer designed high-bit A/D extend resolution to nanometers and achieve phenomenal accuracies via their post processing techniques. Operates at 5V or at 3.3V.

To complement the encoder module, VC America supplies:

  1. Precision glass scales with option to match environment and application resolution and accuracy.
  2. Interpolation IC. SM3270AB 4x4mm package
  3. Precision low jitter and long lifetime clock oscillators
  4. Application board support for vetting encoder modules