Multi-channel DSD to PCM Converter LSI for 6-channel Super Audio CD Playback Development

Nippon Precision Circuits Inc. announces the development of SM5819AF, multi-channel DSD (Direct Stream Digital) to PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) converter LSI for 6-channel Super Audio CD playback.*1

DSD is the Super Audio CD signal format of a 1-bit signal stream of 64-times CD sampling rate. By using NPC's dedicated signal processing technology, the SM5819AF performs a real time conversion from a 6-channel DSD signal to a 6-channel PCM signal of 4-times, 2-times or 1-times CD sampling rate in one chip. 

The conversion characteristics of the SM5819AF are decided by its internal down-sampling filter coefficients. Also, the SM5819AF  has three filter characteristics according to the PCM output (4fs, 2fs and 1fs). Furthermore, it has 6-channel external PCM input. By using these functions, user can realize a wide range of system configurations, making it easy to constitute a multi-channel DSD and PCM reproduction system.

The SM5819AF  is suitable for multi-channel Super Audio CD playback system such as multi-channel Super Audio CD player, Super Audio CD-compatible AV amplifier and Super Audio CD-compatible DVD player.

*1: This SM5819AF has been developed by the supporting of Sony Corporation.

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