CF5072CA VCXO LVPECL is now available. This is extension of the CF5072BA with enable logic inverted to be enable-low. Now a standard solution to using CF5072 in legacy designs exists.

"The CF5072 is an established and proven VCXAO that offers true bipolar LVPECL output structure which provides effective zero impedance and tolerates greater impedance mismatch and high capacitive loads than CMOS instantiations or implementations." according to VC America Tom Hardy. "The trend is toward integration of varactor and VCXO chip using CMOS technology, yet these solutions typically require narrowly specified crystal parameters that may result in higher mfg cost due to yields. True bipolar LVPECL output is superior to any CMOS implementation. VC America offers a subassembly solution with built-in varactor and inductor combinations that enable the 5072 to work well with a variety of crystal designs and target specific needs for pullability range and phase noise. Some companies offer parts ranging as little as ±50ppm APR; others over ±300ppm APR! "

ASM series subassemblies Reduce cycle time and cost. VC America supplies oscillator IC mounted and wire bonded in ceramic LCC to provide customers a cost effective way to reduce cycle time and lower cost of acquisition of materials.

Available in 5x7mm and smaller package sizes for CMOS, LVDS, LVPECL oscillator and VCXO products. Subassemblies include ceramic base and IC wirebonded and die attached; many also have other chip and passive components.

"Makers of oscillator products achieve faster cycle, increased efficiencies, and less labor and lower overall cost using subassemblies." according to Tom Hardy, president of VC America. "Inventory resulting from mismatched purchase quantities is eliminated; material cost is burdened late in the manufacturing cycle, all which improves cash flow. Based on hard costs alone subassemblies are competitive; when soft costs are add, subassemblies are a clear winner."