NPC's NEW Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter SM5950AM 

Nippon Precision Circuits Inc. (NPC) announces the SM5950AM, a low supply voltage(3.3V) asynchronous sample rate converter capable of converting signals sampled at 24bit/96kHz, and its sample shipping.  The SM5950AM is designed to output signals of various sample rates, since a wide range of sample rates are often employed in Digital Audio applications.SM5950AM can adjust for small differences in the sample rate that arise solely from using different system clocks by using asynchronous inputs and outputs. Moreover, this design also insures that the jitter of the input clock is not passed on to the output signal. Furthermore, the asynchronous system can be easily built with this SM5950AM, as input system clock is not needed to be supplied.

The SM5950AM supports 16/20/24-bit word length input/output data, an input sample rate range of 20kHz to 100kHz, and an output sample rate range of 30Hz to 50kHz.