1. Minature Precision Optical Reflective Encoder Module with Index

    New SMD-04 precision optical reflective encoder module with 20 micron period with Index in miniature 5.4x4.3x1.5mm package.   Accuracy to ±1 arc-second for rotary and <1 nanometer to ≤1 micron resolution and accuracy for linear applications.  Building on Seiko NPC SMD-01A which offers precision positioning for 3D scanning, metrology, machine automation, and robotics, the new SMD-04 adds a unique index function to futher miniaturize, lower parts count and lower system cost.   Analog A-B and complementary outputs with digital Z output. -30°C to 85°C operation.   See our product pages and contact sales for more information.

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  2. 7µA 32.768kHz RTC IC ±50ppm -40°C to 85°C Operation

    CF7202H low power 32.768kHz output RTC IC offer excellent (<±50ppm) frequency stability over -40°C to 85°C.  With current as low as 7µA, the CF7202HC1 uses a 16.777216 AT-Cut crystal; the CF7202HC3  uses a 33.554432MHz AT-cut crystal.    1.6V to 3.63V operation, Operating temperture range -40°C to 125°C.   See our product page and contact sales for more information.

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