About VC America

What we do?

  • Encoders
    • Seiko NPC optical reflective encoder modules
    • Precision Rotary and Linear scales for nanometer to micron applications
  • Supply to Hybrid Frequency Control manufacturers
    • IC's, ceramic bases, substrates, lids, crystal blanks
    • Supply, Design and modelling quartz crystals.
    • Seiko NPC Integrated circuits and module products to the Americas
  • Manufacture high stability clock and TCXO products for industrial and wide temperature applications
  • Test, characterize, and qualify products for high reliability avionics and space applications


VC America started supplying Seiko NPC semiconductor products and added packaging, design and supply of crystals to support hybrid clock manufacturers. Over time we added manufacturing subassemblies, characterization testing, and qualification of oscillators.

In 2012, we expanded into optical Encoders and producing precision rotary and linear scales to complement Seiko Encoders.

We developed programming of high stability CMOS clocks for wide temperature range and industrial applications.

TCXO and VCTCXO products added in 2022.

Seiko NPC Authorized Supplier

VC America Inc is proud to be the Seiko NPC authorized supplier for the Americas!
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