5400DS Oscillator plate and measurement system Saunders & Associates, Inc.

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The 5400DS is a computer operated oscillator plate and measurement system. It is capable of plating/measuring TTUCMOSIECL oscillators, and voltage controlled oscillators.

Oscillator frequency, voltage supply, ground pins, output pins, and load typesare easily user defined. (Fast or Standard plating capability.)

Multiple oscillator types may be accommodated in the same plating run.


Frequency Range: I Khz -300 MHz

Final Plating: +1-3 ppm, typical

Wheel Positions: 50 position, typical

Throughput: +1-3 ppm 400 oscillators hour, typical

+1-10 ppm 500 oscillators hour, typical.

The software allows the user to create setup files which contain format information, frequency limits and plating information. The setup files are used by the 5400DS System when measuring/plating an oscillator.

Upon beginning a plating run, the frequency of the oscillators are measured. If an osciIlator is within the frequency limits, it will not be plated. After measuring the oscillators the plating sequence begins.

After a plating run, the program compares the measured values with the limits in the setup file and displays a PASS or FAIL for the oscillator tested.

The system also contains diagnostic functions to aid in service and repair of the 5400DS Oscillator Plating System


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