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Oscillator IC's dominate our list for clock generation, most of which are supplied in bare die form; here we list primarily packaged IC clock generation products which may be used in PCB applications. This include PLL single and multiple PLL multiple output IC's and RTC or Real Time Clock functions.

Real Time Clock [RTC]

SeriesDescriptionVC America
8592HRTC I2 C-bus*1 Full feature/function clock IC 3ppm accuracy over temperatureVCA support programmingActiveRequest
SM8578BV3-wire serial interface: Alarm and timer interrupt functionsActivePDFSM8578BV.pdf
SM8580ATemperature sensor built-in 4-bit parallel interface Timer and alarm interrupt functionsActivePDFSM8580A.pdf
SM9501ARadio Controlled Clock Receiver ICActivePDFSM9501A.pdf

View Real Time Clock [RTC]
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