SeriesDescriptionVC America
SM5819Data converter PCM, DSD, DA plus SM5816Limited to InventoryPDFSM5816AF.pdf
SM5837AFVariable-length 1H Delay Line LSILimited to InventoryPDFSM5837AF.pdf
SM5842APSingle channel Professional Audio Digital filter up to 24 bitsLimited to InventoryPDFSM5842AP.pdf
SM5847AFDual Channel Professional Audio Digital Filter up to 24 bitsLimited to InventoryPDFSM5847AF.pdf
SM5865CMProfessional audio D/A converter 24-bitLimited to InventoryPDFSM5865CM.pdf
SM5950B2 channel asynchronous sample rate converterActivePDFSM5950B.pdf
SM6451Stereo volume control allows maximum audio quality (digital resolution) at normal listening (volume) levels by attenuating each analog audio channel.High Quality AudioActivePDFSM6451BT.pdf
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