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LV-PECL output 100MHz to 250MHz range VCXO ICs with wide pulling range and exceptional Phase noise. They employ bipolar oscillator circuit and recently developed varicap diode fabrication process that provides a low phase noise characteristic and a wide frequency pulling range without any external components. 5420x offer best phase noise at -157dBc@ 10MHz and 5420xL series offer lower ~20% current consumption for smaller packaging and applications with phase noise floor of -155dBc@10MHz

Block Diagram

Packages for 5420

Size (mm)PackageHeight
w/o lid (mm)
PadsD/A connectionLayout TypeLidStepped Lid
7.0x5.0PDFS5070DCK81.56VSSPDFLDK5070-4-10NPDFLDSL5070-5-10K PDFLDSL5070-5-11K

Key Features

  • VCXO with efficient integrated varactor
  • Wide frequency pulling range
    • ±130ppm@B version, VC=1.65±1.65V, f=122.88 MHz (Crystal unit: γ= 330, C0 = 1.6pF)
    • ±120ppm@C version, VC=1.65±1.65V, f=155.52 MHz (Crystal unit: γ= 330, C0 = 1.5pF)
  • Low Phase noise (typ):
    • -125 dBc/Hz@B version, 1 kHz Offset, f=122.88MHz
    • -157 dBc/Hz@B version, 10 MHz Offset, f=122.88MHz
    • -125 dBc/Hz@C version, 1 kHz Offset, f=155.52MHz
    • -157 dBc/Hz@C version, 10 MHz Offset, f=155.52MHz
  • -40 to 105°C operating temperature range
  • Differential LVPECL output
  • Output enable selectable (bond pad) for active high or low
  • 5420xL offer 20% lower current than 5420 for smaller packaging


  • G5 Cell tower
  • Internet Infrastructure
  • LEO Communications


  • Higher channel capacity
  • Greater immunity from interference
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