Interpolation IC
up to 32x optical and to 16x magnetic
Optical Reflective Encoders
Read Heads
Precision Scales
Linear and Rotary

Seiko NPC SMD series encoder modules combined with VC America’s high precision scales and interpolation circuits achieve word class performance in a miniature footprint.

  • Exceptional Encoder Performance with Seiko NPC SMD series

    • Resolution to <1 nanometer (with interpolation)

    • Accuracy to ±1 arc-second

    • Low noise, Low distortion, high resolution output

    • 20µm native track period

    • Unique receptor increases tolerance to scale misalignment and contamination

      • Reduce manufacturing time and labor costs

      • Increased yields, long term reliability, and life time performance

      • Lower service and maintenance cost

    • Proven reliability and long lifetime with built-in LED

  • High Precision Glass Scales from VC America

    • VC America soda lime scales complement SMD series encoders

    • Multiple reflective coating options to further increase performance and lower encoder power consumption

    • Up to 150mm diameter or 160mm length

    • Custom sizing and coating options to meet any special requirements

  • Miniature Footprint for total solution

    • 5.3 x 4.3 mm encoder footprint and package height to 1.5mm

    • Total solution package heights less than 3.8mm

  • SMD Solution Footprint

    Block Diagram
    SMD Block Diagram
    A-B Analog low distortion output (Lissajous curve)
    SMD low distortion output (Lissajous curve)

    SMD-01A PDFSMD-01A.pdfSMD04 PDFSMD-04.pdf
    Track Period20µm20µm
    Resolution<5 nanometer to 350 picometer using 10-14 bit A/D interpolation
    OutputAnalog A and B✅ Analog A and B and Digital Z (index)
    A B Output Gain1, 1.8, 2.6 X setting (LED Brightness)1, 1.8X, AGC (LED Brightness)
    Index use AGC
    (Automatic Gain control)
    Dimensions L W H (mm)5.3 x 4.3 x 1.68✅5.3 x 4.3 x 1.50
    Gap (mm)0.300.50
    Operating Temperature range-20°C to 60°C✅-30°C to 85°C

    Precision Linear Scales

    Precision Rotary Scales

    Interpolation IC



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