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Seiko NPC SMD series encoder modules combined with VC America’s high precision scales and interpolation circuits achieve world class performance in a miniature footprint.

  • Exceptional Encoder Performance with Seiko NPC SMD series
    • Resolution to <1 nanometer (with interpolation)
    • Accuracy to ±1 arc-second
    • Low noise, Low distortion, high resolution output
    • 20µm native track period
    • Unique receptor increases tolerance to scale misalignment and contamination
      • Reduce manufacturing time and labor costs
      • Increased yields, long term reliability, and life time performance
      • Lower service and maintenance cost
    • Proven reliability and long lifetime with built-in LED
  • High Precision Glass Scales from VC America
    • VC America soda lime scales complement SMD series encoders
    • Multiple reflective coating options to further increase performance and lower encoder power consumption
    • Up to 150mm diameter or 160mm length
    • Custom sizing and coating options to meet any special requirements
  • Miniature Footprint for total solution
    • 5.3 x 4.3 mm encoder footprint and package height to 1.5mm
    • Total solution package heights less than 3.8mm
SMD Solution Footprint
Block Diagram
SMD Block Diagram
A-B Analog low distortion output (Lissajous curve)
SMD low distortion output (Lissajous curve)
SMD-01A PDFSMD-01A.pdfSMD04 PDFSMD-04.pdf
Track Period20µm20µm
Resolution<5 nanometer to 350 picometer using 10-14 bit A/D interpolation
OutputAnalog A and B✅ Analog A and B and Digital Z (index)
A B Output Gain1, 1.8, 2.6 X setting (LED Brightness)1, 1.8X, AGC (LED Brightness)
Index use AGC
(Automatic Gain control)
Dimensions L W H (mm)5.3 x 4.3 x 1.68✅5.3 x 4.3 x 1.50
Gap (mm)0.300.50
Operating Temperature range-20°C to 60°C✅-30°C to 85°C

Interpolation IC

SeriesDescriptionVC America
SM3470BBInterpolation circuit IC for Optical encoder, selectable up to 32X. Built-in EEPROM to set options. QFN24 package.ActivePDFSM3470BB.pdf
SM3471ABInterpolator IC for encoder up to 16X. Ground pins to select options. QFN24 package.ActivePDFSM3471AB.pdf
SM3473Interpolator IC for magnetic encoder, built-in gain amplifier and selectable up to 16X by grounding pins to select options. QFN16 package.ActivePDFSM3473.pdf

Optical Reflective Encoders

SeriesDescriptionVC America
SMD-04Optical reflective encoder 20µ period Analog AB plus Z (index) digital outputActivePDFSMD-04.pdf
SMD-01AOptical reflective encoder modue 20µ period Analog AB outputsActivePDFSMD-01A.pdf
SMD-01Optical reflective encoder 20 µ period Analog AB outputsLimited Supply to InventoryPDFSMD-01.pdf

Precision Scales

SeriesDescriptionVC America
LinearPrecision Glass Linear scalesActiveRequest
RotaryPrecision Glass Rotary scalesActiveRequest

View Interpolation ICView Optical Reflective EncodersView Precision Scales
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