Encoder Products

Smaller more accurate linear and rotoary positioning is achieved with SMD-01 Optical Relective encoders modules.   Build smaller linear slides and rotary drives; embed the encoder to save space and improve performance and reliability.

SMD-01 low 1.68mm height and 0.3mm gap result in <2mm spacing.  Allowing 1mm each for scale and PCB/FPC results in <4mm total thickness, but thinner slides and PCB achieve even less total height.  ( A 0.5mm thick scale and 0.35mm FPC result in less than 2.85mm height).

Precision scales complement the SMD-01 and offer excpetional accuracy; several options are availble to best fit your applcation and we will make custom solutions when required.

Evaluation boards are available.

Optical Encoders

Precision Glass  Scales

Interpolation Integrated Circuits

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